Personal Training


What is the most important fitness goal to you right now?
When you sign up for one-on-one personal training you get to go on the gold star chart!!!
 Jenn Atherton is a Certified Personal Trainer at Southern Humboldt Fitness.
Jenn's goal is to be the #1 Core and Back Specialist in the world!
Jenn loves going to the gym and helping people workout! 
Jenn has Formal education in Personal Training Transformations, Tabata Bootcamp, Yoga, TRX and goes to fitness conventions to stay updated on fitness trends.
Jenn has achieved her best training results when clients sign up for 3 training times a week.
Rates are $70/ hour for one- on-one sessions.
Virtual Training for $250/ month, this includes 3 emailed workouts a week and one 30 minute phone call a week to check in with goals and results. 
Personal Training for friends and family makes a great gift!
 707-382-7121 or email (link sends e-mail)
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"Jenn has by far exceeded my expectations. She is very motivational and supportive. I love how she takes her time to write down everything we accomplish in our work outs and makes sure to push me to do heavier weights, pushing my body to its fullest potential. She has motivated me to do things I thought I could never do (ex. Climb a rope!). Going on my second month with Jenn and supper excited to see this months results!! Your awesome Jenn!!! "
-B. Cruz
"The last three months have been a fun strength gaining adventure. I feel so much stronger and balanced. My back is pain free and I've seen great results!! Jennifer you rock!!!"
-Bree Smith
"Make it work Drill Sergeant. Too easy Drill Sergeant. That a girl. That's Heavy Drill Sergeant"
-Jenny O
"For anyone interested in changing your life you need to call Jenn Atherton. I have trained with her for 4 months and she is a positive, uplifting trainer, life coach and person. I have a million bad habits and she hasn't given up on me yet. She is worth your time and money!!!"
-Darren Tomasini